Soft and healthy idli with chilka urad dal

Idli is a regularly prepared break fast item in South Indian homes.We can prepare many varieties of idli using different ingredients in different prportions.Basically in Andhra area we prepare idli using urad dal with idli rawa ( not suji or semolina ).But in other states in Southern india they use idli rice/ boiled rice with urad dal. Due to this difference the texture and taste differs. But both type of idlis can be enjoyed with chutney and sambars.You can check my idli recipes like commonly prepared idli with idli rawa, with boiled rice, kanchipuram idli etc. Here iam using both urad dal with husk ( pottu minapa pappu in Telugu )and also dal with out husk along with idli rawa. Chilka urad dal is healthier option as it has got health benefits.
Urad dal without husk – 1/2 cup and dal with husk – 3/4 cup,( used measuring cup ),
Idli rawa – 3 cups,( uppudu rawa in Telugu ) Wash rawa twice and soak for 1/2 hr,
1).Wash both the dals, soak them separately for 4 hrs. Remove husk/skin from chilka dal as it floats on surface. ( We should not discard all the husk ) .Combine both the dals ,grind them in a blender to a very fine frothy paste using little chilled water.Keep it aside.
2).Squeeze out water from rawa and add it to ground urad paste. Combine the paste and rawa thoroughly with clean hand.Keep it in a warm corner for 6 to 8 hrs or over night.
3).Next day morning remove required quantity of batter,add salt and little water if necessary. Steam idlis in idli steamer for 8 to 10 minutes.
4).After 10 minutes remove soft, fluffy idlis.Serve with peanut chutney / sambar.
a).You can serve with non veg kurma / Paya.
b).The advantage of mixing the both rawa and urad paste with hand is fermentaton will be quick.


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