Instant Garlic powder in Microwave oven

This garlic powder is prepared instantly in microwave oven,Best method is drying the peeled and crushed garlic cloves under sun for 3 to 4 days and powder them.
Healthy garlic cloves – 150 Gms,
1).Peel and crush the garlic cloves with back of a wooden laddle or spoon.
2).Place them on a microsafe plate ( with out overlapping )and microwave them under high power ,first for 1 min and again microwave for 30 sec.Check and repeat ,each time 30 sec.till they are little dry and crispy.Allow standard time to cool.By this time they become completely dry.
3).Grind the dried cloves into a fine powder.Preserve it in a clean glass bottle in fridge and use as required.
Time for drying the garlic cloves in microwave oven depends upon the size of the cloves and also power settings of oven you are using.


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  1. Bobbi, Thanks for checking my recipe.I used the garlic which I brought from shop not grown in my garden. Hence iam not able to give my opinion. But why don’t you check whether the pods are fully grown or not .You can pull out one plant and check.

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