About Me

Greetings to my dedicated visitors and to all those out there just searching for an easy and delicious meal to prepare. I am Dr. Uma Devi, a proud and happy wife, mother and grandmother. I live in one of the most culturally enthusiastic and biggest culinary hot spots in the world: India.

Having been a hard working and diligent gynecologist for most of my life, I rediscovered (though I would say, my interest was over shadowed by my hectic work before…) my passion for the culinary arts in 2008. I pride myself in inventing countless simple and delectable dishes for everyone to enjoy. My passion for cooking is only outmatched by my love and appreciation for my visitors.

I always strive to better my cookery skills through constant experimentation and innovation with different and unexpected flavours and to let the world have easy access to all of my tasty recipes. Additionally, I not only continuously draw on inspirations from my peers and family members for ideas for new combinations but also stick to traditional cuisines handed down from my elders.

Every recipe on this site have all been tried and tested in my own kitchen. I hope everyone who visits my website discovers the dish perfect for them and realizes how quick and easy it is to prepare an exquisitely appetizing dish. Thank you!!