Delicious kheer with ice apple

We prepare many varieties of kheers with different ingredients. This is a special kheer prepared with ice apple / thati mungelu in Telugu. These are available in plenty during summer months.
Tender and medium size Ice apples – 4, washed, outer skin peeled and cut into small pieces.
Sugar – 75 Gms,
Cardamom powder – 1/2 Tsp,
Saffron – few strands ( optional )
Dry fruits – cashew, badam, raisins , each 6 to 8, ( cashew and badam cut into small pieces ),
Fine vermicelli / semia – 50 Gms,
Ghee – 2 to 3 Tablesp,
Full fat milk 500 ml,( wash kadai before pouring milk ),
1).Heat a table spoon of ghee in a pan, fry nuts and raisins.Remove on to a plate. Add another tablesp.of ghee and fry vermicelli under low flame till it turns light golden in colour. Remove and keep aside.
2).In a separate kadai add milk,allow to boil under low flame and add fried vermicelli . Keep on stirring now and then so that vermicelli does not stick to the pan.
3).When vermicelli is soft add sugar and let it simmer till sugar dissolves.
4).Now add cardamom powder and fried nuts. Lastly add ice apple pieces and stir once. Remove from flame, cool, and keep in fridge for 2 to 3 hrs.
5).Serve this yummy ice apple kheer chilled. This is a best summer dessert as ice apples are available in plenty during summer months.
a).If you want to prepare kheer with only ice apples , you first reduce the quantity of milk to 1/3 and proceed. Increase the no.of ice apples if you desire.
b).Ice apple can be peeled, kept in fridge and consumed chilled, but best within 24 hrs.


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