Quick Coconut laddu / kobbari laddu

This delicious sweet is also called kobbari louju in Telugu. It can be prepared within 15 minutes with mainly two ingredients coconut and jaggary.
Fresh coconut gratings – 2 measures/ 2cups,
Jaggary powder – 1 measure/ 1cup,( can be adjusted as per your taste),
Ghee – 1tsp,
Elachi powder – 1/4 Tsp, ( optional, as coconut has got it’s own wonderful flavour),
Nuts like cashew bits, almond slivers – 1Tablesp ( optional ),
1).Put a non stick Kadai on low flame, sprinkle a tsp of ghee and add coconut along with jaggary.
2).Mix well and cook under low flame till the ingredients form a non sticky ball leaving the sides of Kadai. Sprinkle little elachi powder. Mix well and remove.
3).Prepare large amla size laddus. Add nuts ( if using) before removing from fire.
Keeps fresh for 10 days if kept in fridgedare.


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