Buttery bhutta/ buttery corn

Image no 1 – Corn roasted on gas, No.2 – Corn boiled in cooker,( no spices added ), No.3 – Corn cooked in microwave oven.
Everybody likes to enjoy tender Sweet corn whether roasted on fire or boiled ,with spices smeared on them .Especially on rainy days these are the much sought after snack.It is a favourite snack for kids too.
Tender ears of corn – 4,( husk and silky part removed ),
Butter- 2 Tsps,
Amchur 2 Pinches,( lime juice few drops ),
Pepper – 2 Pinches,freshly ground,
Chat masala as per requirement,
1).Roast the corn on charcoal fire / gas fire by placing them on a wire rack.Roast them until they are nicely browned on all sides./ or boil them in water with little salt (preferably ) in a pressure cooker .
2).Remove and wipe the corn to remove any ash particles ( if they are roasted on Charcoal / wire rack on gas ).
3).Smear little butter and salt all over the corn.Brush some lime juice along with freshly ground black pepper / or little chat masala.
a).You can smear some butter along with spices and microwave them for 5 to 7 min on turn table.If necessary continue cooking for one more min.
b).you can cook them in Air fryer ( after preheating ) for 7 to 8 min.Check once during frying.Smear spices before putting in to the Air fryer.


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