Kitchen Tips-4-Karela

Kitchen Tips-4

Tips to reduce bitterness of karela

1).Wash and scrape the outer skin lightly, wash again to remove the scrapped peals. Give a slit on one side and Smear salt all over it including innerside of slit.keep them aside for 1/2hr.Later sqeeze them gently and Use as per the recipe.

2).Scrape the gaurds as usual,add some sour buttermilk and salt.Cook just for 3min.Sqeeze out the water and Use as per your method.

3).Add 1/2tsp of tamarind paste to (about 250g of scrapped karela)karela and cook for 3 to4min.Sqeeze out the fluid and use.

4).This is an old method but effective.In this method we immerse the scrapped karela in the water in which the rice is washed.Keep them in that water for 1/2 hr.Later rinse the karela with plenty of water, sqeeze out and use.

5).Add a tablesp of vinegar to the water in which you are going to boil the vegetable.Remove the water and use.

6).All the above procedures will definetly reduce the bitterness of karela.But to enjoy the taste and medicinal qualities of karela there should be some bitterness in this wonderful vegetable.


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