Potato Papad


Potato Papad

It is an intant snack/side dish.These papads are very tasty,spicy and crispy.


All Purpose Flour/Maida-250Gms

Potato-2,Medium(about 100Gms)



Hing-2 pinches

Paste of 3 green chillies and 1/4″ginger

Oil to fry


1).Wash,boil,peel and mash potato with out lumps.keep it aside

2).Steam maida on a cloth over an idli plate in steamer for 10min

3).Remove the flour and break the lumps with fingers.Sieve if necessary.

4).Add chilli paste,jeera,hing and salt.Mix well.

5).Add potato mash and make a soft dough.Add little water if necessary.Keep it aside for 15min

6)Prepare small rounds by placing gooseberry size balls in between two plastic sheets and pressing the balls with back of a flat bottomed katori.

7).Fry them under medium heat till light golden in colour.Place them on a paper napkin to absorb excess oil if any

8).Serve the papads as a snack or side dish with hot plain rice along with sambar


You can use poori press for preparing papad rounds.


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