Raw Plantain chips


Raw plantain Chips

These chips are very easy and quick to prepare .It is an instant snack


Raw plantain-2,medium sized


Red chilli powder-1/2Tsp or Black Pepper powder-1/4Tsp

Garlic powder-1/4Tsp(optional)

Haldi-A pinch

Oil to deep fry


1).Peel and wash the plantains.Slice them into thin chips with chips cutter.

2).Heat oil , drop chips one by one and fry them under medium high heat till they turn crisp and light golden in colour

3).Remove them on to a kitchen napkin to absorb oil if any.Transfer them into a basin.

4)Mix all the powders and sprinkle it over the chips.Toss them so that all the chips are get coated with the masala.

5)Cool and store them in an air tight container.

6).Serve them as a snack or serve with hot plain rice with sambar/rice preparations.


While slicing the plantain ,the chips will stick to each other.Hence take a handful of them and drop one by one into oil so that they will get fried nicely with out sticking.


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