Plantain Flower Fritters


Plantain Flower Fritters

These are tiny crispy fritters,can be made in a jiffy .The flowers are healthy component of plantain tree.They can be used as main ingredient for curries and many other preparations


plantain flowers,stamen removed-1cup




Very finly chopped coriander leaves-1Tablesp

Red chilli powder-1/Tsp

Ginger and garlic paste-1/4Tsp

Baking soda-2Pinches

Oil to deep fry


1)Mix besan with all the ingredients except oil and flowers.

2)prepare pakora batter by adding waterlittle by little and finally add a tsp of hot oil and mix well

3)Dip each flower in the batter and fry under medium heat to golden in clour

4)Drain them on paper napkin to absorb excess oil if any

5)Serve them as snack with any chutney or sauce along with evening tea. kids also can enjoy these fritters as we have added ajwain which aids in digetion(as we have used besan)


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