Button Idli


Button Idli

These are mini sized idlis served with sambar. It is mainly a kids breakfast item as the size is attractive for them(ofcourse for others too)


Boiled Rice-3cups

Raw Rice-1/2cup

Urad Dal with out husk-1cup

Methi seeds-1/2Tsp


Baking soda 1/8tsp

Button Idli plates

oil for greasing idli plates


1)Soak both rice for 5to6hrs along with methi seeds

2)Soak urad dal for 2 to3hrs and keep the dal bowl in fridze till the time of grinding

3)Grind dal in a mixie to a fluffy ,smooth paste and remove 1/2 of the quantity of dal paste and keep it aside

4)Add 1/2 of the quantity of rice and grind it into a smooth paste using chilled water.

5)Remove the batter from the mixie and grind remaining rice and dal to a smooth paste

6)Combine both the batters in a big bowl and keep it overnight for fermentation

7)Next day morning add salt to the batter and mix well.Take required amount of batter add water if necessary .

8)Add 2 pinches of soda, pour little water over it and mix well.Pour the batter in greased button idli plates.

9)Steam them for6 to8min.Remove the idlis and serve with a bowl full of sambar with 1/2tsp of ghee and coconut chutney

10) The idlis are tiny and look attractive when served floating in a bowl of sambar


Always better use wet grinder for grinding batter for both idli and dosa. You can send it to mill.If it is not possible to send it to mill or when wet grinder is not available you can use chilled water in mixie while grinding so that batter will not become warm( which will spoil the taste and consistancy of the batter)


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