Ridge Gourd Peels Chutney


Ridge Gourd Peels chutney

It is a tasty and healthy chutney made with peels of ridge gourd


Peels of Ridge Gourd-About 100gms

Peeled ridge gourd pieces-about 50gms/less

Onion-1,Medium,sliced fine

Red Chillies-5/Green Chillies-4

Dhania Seeds-1Tsp



Peeled Garlic Cloves-4

Chana Dal-1Tablesp

Hing-A pinch

Ground Nuts-1TablesP(Dry fried and husk removed)

Tamarind Paste-1Tsp


Tomato-1,Medium,Chopped fine

Mustard Seeds-1/4Tsp

Curry patta Leaves-6to8

Chopped coriander Leaves-2Tsp


1)Heat 1tsp of oil, fry dhania seeds,jeera, garlic cloves, chana dal,and red chilies(4)one by one.Remove and made into course powder along with ground nuts.Keep it aside

2)Heat 1tablesp of oil in the same pan.Fry the peels and ridge gaurd pieces till soft.add few drops of water if necessary

3)Add tomato and fry till raw smell goes.

4)Grind the fried peels,tamarind along with salt, into a fine paste.Add masala powder into mixie, mix once and run mixie for few sec.and remove into a bowl.

5)Heat remaining oil,add hing,mustard seeds,remaining red chilli and curry leaves.Fry till seeds crackle.pour this over prepared chutney.

6)Garnish with chopped coriander.

7)Serve this tasty chutney with hot plain rice(with little ghee)/dosa/idli.


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