Kitchen Tips-2

Kitchen Tips

A)Smear little cooking oil over rice/pulses before putting them in a container.Procedure is simple.Take 2 to 3 kgs of rice in a big basin or plate.Add 2to 3tablesp of oil to the rice and rub rice with both the palms ,so that each grain is coated with oil.Stock the prepred rice in a container.Use same procedure with remaining rice.This simple procedure prevents the rice from being infested with small insects even for 5 to6months.Apply same method to pulses also.

B)During washing of rice/pulses the oil coated on them will be washed off.So no need to worry about the oil over the grains.

C)Actually i use good quality castor oil for the same procedure without any bad effects.I wash the rice well twice before cooking.

2)Easy way of peeling garlic:

Take 2 to 3 drops of any cooking oil on your palm and rub( handful)garlic between both the palms.Now the peeling will be easier.

3)Add a few drops of desi ghee/coconut milk to the prepared (any)rasam just before removing from fire.Keep it covered till serving.Tastes and smells great.

4)If you have left over rice especially when the grains are separate and not soft,Keep the rice under sun for 2 to 3days so that there will not be any moisture in the rice grains.Fry the rice in hot oil (like soaked channa dal/poha).Remove the puffed up rice on to a paper napkin to absorb excess oil if any.sprinkle salt and pepper powder/red chilli powder and toss the can add this to any chats or use as it is.

5)Microwave tip:

To cut short the process of frying in vegetables like karela,microwave the karela for 3 to6min before frying in normal way.This reduces frying time and also quantity of oil.Even onion pieces can be softened by microwaving them for few min before using them in curries and pastes.


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