Kasuri Methi in Microwave Oven


Quick Easy and Instant Method of preparing Kasuri Methi in

Microwave Oven.

Green Leafy Vegetable-Methi is sold as bundles of small plants

Select good quality of methi.


1).Separate the plants from the bundles,cut the roots.

2).Rinse them throughly in plenty of water to remove sand etc.

3).Pick leaves and tender stalks.keep them in collander for 5min.

4).Dab methi with a clean dry cloth to remove remaining moisture.

5).spread the leaves on a microsafe plate and microhigh for 2min.

Methi becomes very soft but no worry.

6).change the position of leaves with a fork and again microhigh

for 2min.

7).Check the dryness of leaves and stalks.Again microhigh for

another 1min.

8).Still if there is moisture you can microhigh for 1 to 2min,

but each time microhigh for 30 sec and check.

9).Usually it takes 6 to 7min to dry the leaves.

10).you will get clean and attractive green coloured kasuri methi,

which can easily be crushed.

11). Be careful after microwaving for 4 min.check after every

30 sec to avoid spark due to burning of leaves.

12).I dried the methi (2 bundles)in 3 batches as i have used

shallow microsafe bowl.


If microsafe plate is not available,you can use microsafe bowl.

but frequently you have to change the position of leaves.


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