Delicious Cauliflower Curry in Microwave

Delicious Cauliflower Curry in Microwave



Onion:Medium 1:Cut into small pieces

Green Chillies:3:chopped fine

Dhania powder:1tsp

Jeera powder:1/2tsp



Haldi:a pinch

Garam masal:1/4tsp


Chopped Coriander:2tsp



1).Wash Cauliflower in plenty of salted water to remove any dust&insects

2).Sepatate cauliflower into small flowrettes,again wash once, in water

3).Drain out water completely,Put cauliflower in a bowl&Add onion pieces,green chlli,dhania powder,jeera powder,Red chilli powder,Haldi,Salt,

mix well&let it rest for 15min,

4),In a microsafe bowl take 1tablesp. of oil,add cardimum,cloves&cinnamon

Put it into a microwave oven&microhigh for 30sec,

5).Remove the bowl from oven&Add marinated cauliflower to it

Mix well&keep the bowl in oven&microhigh for 6min with lid

Stirring once in 2min.

6).Remove the bowl from oven&add 50ml ofmilk,

Mix well&keep it in oven&microhigh for another 4min without lid,mix once in between,

7).by this time the curry will be a bit dry as the cauliflower absorbs all the milk

8).Remove the bowl&sprinkle chopped coriander over the curry&cover with a lid till serving.

9).serve this tasty curry with chapathi/poori/fried rice.


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