Quick Wheat Dosa


250 g – wheat flour
2 tbsp- rice flour
1/8 tsp – salt, baking soda
oil for tempering & for preparing dosa

For Tempering:
1/2 tsp – jeera
1/4 tsp – red chilli seeds
1/4 tsp – mustard seeds
1 tsp – finely chopped curry patta leaves & coriander leaves, each
30 ml – butter milk (optional)


1.Mix the flours with salt, soda & water to prepare dosa batter (you can use butter milk along with water)
2.Heat a tsp of oil, add mustard seeds, jeera, red chilli seeds & chopped leaves
3.Fry till the seeds crackle, remove & add this to batter, mix thoroughly
4.Heat dosa pan, pour a laddleful of batter on the pan
5.Spread the batter quickly in circular motion to prepare a round thin dosa
6.Drizzle some oil over & around the edges
7.Turn & allow it to get brown on the other side & remove.
8.Serve with chutney or potato curry (masala dosa curry).
9.Even without chutney it can be enjoyed as it is tempered.


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