lobia dosa


125g – white lobia
50g – urad dal, (dehusked)
400g – raw rice
1/8 tsp – methi seeds
A pinch of baking soda


1.Soak lobia overnight; remove the husk the next morning (not necessarily completely).
2.Soak urad dal & rice separately for 4 hours.
3.Grind urad & lobia together into a fine paste adding some water
4.Remove half the quantity of dal batter, add half the rice & grind into a fine batter
5.Repeat with the remaining dal & rice, add salt & keep overnight for fermentation
6.The next day, add a pinch of baking soda & proceed as usual to prepare dosa (preferably on non-stick dosa pan).
7.Serve dosa with coconut chutney/red chilli chutney/potato curry.

Tip:To prepare crisp dosas, wipe the pan with the oil smeared cut end of an onion or cloth; pour a laddleful of batter and quickly spread the batter in a circular motion.

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