One step recipes – Drumstick Iguru recipe from Andhra

This is a one step curry/ recipe with Drumsticks and it is called Iguru in Telugu. In this method all the ingredients are put in a kadai ( usually a bit deep one) and cooked with required amount of water.In between you can just stir the curry to see that all the ingredients -vegetables and masalas are blended well. This also helps to avoid curry sticking at the bottom of kadai. Iguru usually has minimum gravy.In some Andhra families it is a routine way of preparing curries with almost all vegetables. They are tasty and healthy too. It saves time and energy for busy Moms.
Tender drum sticks – 2, measuring 2 to 2 and half feet,( wash, lightly scrape and cut into 3 inch pieces)
Onion – 2 medium, cut into small pieces,
Green chilli – 2 , sliced,
Haldi – 1/4 Tsp,
Red chilli powder – 1 Tsp,
Peeled and crushed garlic cloves – 6 to 8,
Dhania powder – 1 Tablesp,
Jeera powder – 2 pinch,
Oil – 4 Tablesp,
1).Put all the ingredients in a deep kadai along with 200 ml of water and mix well.Keep a lid with little water on it.
2).Continue cooking under low flame. Stir once or twice till all the water is absorbed and vegetable becomes tender with pulpy onion gravy. You can add little water if needed.
3).Serve this curry as side dish for rice preparations.
You can add more onion and garlic if you desire. I prefer to add more onion.Some non vegetarian curries with prawns / dry fish are also prepared in this way.In some curries you have to fry onions along with masalas before adding vegetables / non veg.ingredients.

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