Sugar free Ice cream

Milk – 1/2 litre (normal milk used daily ),
Almonds – 10,soaked,peeled and made into a fine paste using little milk,
Apple – 1,medium, peeled and sliced fine, (cooked microhigh for 3 minutes /cooked with 2 tablesp of water),
Sugar free powder – 2 TSP,( i used sucralose ),
Cinnamon powder – 1/8 Tsp,
Vanilla essence – few drops,
Vanilla custard powder – 1 Tablesp,( add 2 to 3 tablesp of room temp.milk and make a paste,
1).Heat milk in a non stick pan. Remove required quantity of milk for custard powder paste and almond paste.
2). When milk starts boiling add the custard powder paste to boiling milk,stirring continuously to avoid lump formation.When the milk mlx becomes slightly thick,remove from fire.
3).Add apple paste,sugar free powder,cinnamon,badam paste, vanilla essence and mix well. Cool the mixture and pour it into a glass or plastic container.Cover it with a plastic paper so that it touchs the surface of ice cream mix and close the container with lid. Keep it in freezer for 3 hrs .
4).Remove the container after 3 hrs, cut the set ice cream into pieces and blend them in a mixer/ blender till creamy. Again pour this into the same container and allow to set for 5to 6 hours/ over night.
5).Next day scoop out this healthy,delicious sugar free ice cream and serve.
This is a perfect dessert for diabetics and dieters. Ofcourse it should only be in moderate portions.


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