Palak pakoda / Fritters

This crispy and tasty pakoda is very healthy as we are using lot of greens – palak leaves with chick pea flour.
Palak leaves – About 25 leaves, washed thoroughly and chopped into fine juliennes,
Besan – 150 Gms,
Rice flour – 2 Tablespoons,
Onion – 2, medium, sliced fine,
Green chilli – 5, Chopped fine,
Ginger – 1Tsp grated,
Garlic cloves – 5, peeled and crushed,
Powder 2 cloves, 1″ cardamom into course powder,
Chopped coriander – 1,Tablesp,
Oil to fry,
A pinch of sompu,
1).Squeeze out water from palak and add all the ingredients except oil and flours.
2).Now sprinkle besan little by little and blend all the ingredients very well. Add rice flour and again mix well. Lastly sprinkle a tablespoon of hot oil and mix well.
3).The mixture should not be very dry or very lumpy. Heat oil in a pan, drop little chunks into oil and fry till light golden in colour.
4).Remove the pakoda / fritters on a kitchen tissue to absorb excess oil if any.
5).Serve them as starter or with tea.


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