Methi idli and dosa

In this idli batter we are using only rice and methi seeds. It is a healthy breakfast and is a bit variation from regular idli.we can prepare dosa also with this batter.
Idli rice – 1 cup (measuring cup),
Methi seeds – 1 Tsp,
Salt, oil to prepare dosa.
Baking soda – 2 pinch,
1).Wash rice along with methi and soak it for minimum 4 hrs. Drain the rice,.
2).Grind the rice using ice-cold water ( little by little) into thick fine paste.
3).Pour the batter in a bowl and allow to ferment it for 6 hrs or overnight .
4).Next day morning add salt and a pinch of baking soda. Check the batter and add water if necessary. Prepare idli in idli plates by steaming in idli cooker. Serve hot with Sambar and peanut chutney.
5).You can prepare crispy dosa with the same batter.
1).Heat non stick dosage pan, sprinkle few drops of water. Wipe of the water and pour dosa batter .Make a thin round and drizzle some oil over and at the edges of soda. When lower part is browned ,remove from pan. Prepare all dosa


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