Chakli with healthy wheat flour

These muruku or chakli are healthy as they are prepared with whole wheat flour.
Whole wheat flour – 250 Gms,
Besan – 3 Tablesp,
Fried channa dal flour – 3 Tablesp,
Red chilli powder – 3/4 Tsp,
Ajwain – 1/2 Tsp,
White til – 1 Tablesp,
Hing – A pinch,
Oil to deep fry,
1).Put the wheat flour in a cloth like a potli. Steam it in a steamer or cooker ( with out whistle for 10 minutes.
2).Remove the flour ( which is a bit hard after steaming ) and break it with a masher or spoon into powder. Seive the flour along with besan and fried channa dal powder.
3).Add crushed ajwain, salt, hing, chilli powder, til and 2 tabsp of hot oil. Mix well and prepare a smooth and a bit hard dough by adding water. Let it rest for 10 minutes.
4). Put the dough in a chakli mould ( with one star plate ) and make spirals on a polythene sheat or damp cloth.
5).Deep fry them under medium heat till light golden in colour. Remove them on a paper napkin to absorb excess oil if any. Once they cool ,store them in air tight container.
6).These crunchy chakli are healthy and very tasty . They can keep fresh for 15 to 20 days .Sure hit with the kids. Diabetics also can enjoy them in moderate portions.
You can put the hardened flour in mixie and grind it into powder using pulse.


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