Mint / pudina pakoda with cashew nuts

Mint / pudina is a very flavourful herb and Has got many medicinal properties.We can grow mint very easily in our kitchen garden.
Mint / pudina – 2 handfuls of leaves, picked , washed in plenty of water and chopped fine,
Besan – 125 GMs,
Cashew nut bits – 3 Tablesp,
Rice flour – 1 Tablesp,
Onion – 1, sliced fine,
Green chilli – 3, chopped fine,
Ginger – 1/2 ” chopped fine,
Peeled garlic cloves – 4, crushed roughly,
Cloves – 2, cinnamon – 1″ piece, both pounded into course powder,
Coriander leaves – 1 Tablesp,chopped fine,
Aniseed – 2 Pinches,
Oil to fry
1).In a mixing bowl put all the ingredients except oil and mix well .Add a Tablesp of hot oil to it and mix well to prepare a stiff dough without adding water.There is no need to add water as the moisture content of pudina and onion is enough to form the dough.
2).Heat oil and drop small portions of dough into the oil and fry under medium heat to light golden in colour.Remove pakoda onto a kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.
3).Serve this tasty and healthy mint pakoda with cashew along with tea.


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