Missie Roti

This is a healthy ,north indian break fast recipe with whole wheat flour combined with besan and tender drum stick leaves.
Whole wheat flour – 125 Gms,
Besan – 125 Gms,
Tender drum stick leaves – about 30 gms,washed , picked and chopped fine,
Onion – 1,medium,sliced fine,
Green chilli – 3,chopped fine,
Cummin – 2 pinches,
Oil/ butter to fry,
1).Seive flours .add salt and mix well.
2).Lightly fry Cummin, chopped drum stick leaves, chilli and onion in a tsp of oil.
3).Add fried ingredients to flour.
4).Prepare a stiff dough using sufficient amount of water.
5).Divide the dough into even portions and keep them covered while rolling roti to prevent drying of dough.
6).Prepare round thin roti and cook them on hot tawa using little butter, until they are light brown on both sides.Remove and serve hot along with pickle / any raitha .
For variation I used tender drum stick leaves in this roti which is also a healthier option.


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