Kitchen Tips-5-Microwave Tips

Kitchen Tips-5-Microwave Tips

Instead of boiling potato,Raw plantain,Arbi(colocasia) you can microwave them as follows:

Wash them thoroughly and wipe them dry with a napkin

1).Make 1 or2 small cuts on potato and keep them on turntable along with a small microsafe katori with water.Microhigh for 6 to10min.(time depends upon the size of potato)Keeping water prevents wrinkling of skin.

2).Wash plantain and make 2 or3cuts,place it on turntable along with katori with water and micro high for 6 to10min.Turn them once or twice during microwaving

3).Wash arbi thoroughly,make 1 or2cuts and microhigh for 5 to6min.Keep a small microsafe katori with water.

4).You can cut short the time for frying onions (in curries and for omelette etc )as follows

Keep the onion pieces along with little salt in a microsafe bowl and microhigh for2 to3min(depending upon the quantity of onion, you can adjust the time)No need to add oil.

For fried onion -for garnishing biryani etc,i have already posted my tip in previous kitchen tips-microwave tips.

5).Tomato-Remove eyes or give one or two pricks on tomato and keep them in a microsafe bowl and microhigh for 3 to5min.Grind it to make puree and use as per the recipe.


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