Toor Dal Papad


Toor Dal papad

These are crispy and spicy papads made with toor dal and spices


Toor dal-250Gms

Red chilli powder-1Tsp



Baking Soda-2pinches

Garlic -3 cloves,crushed


Urad dal-2Tablesp

White Til-2Tsp(optional)

Oil to deep fry


1)Lightly dry fry both the dals,remove and grind it into a fine powder(if necessary seive the flour)

2) Add all the ingredients except oil to the ground dal powder.Mix them well with hand into a smooth and stiff dough

3)While preparing dough add 2tsp of oil and knead well.Cover the bowl with wet cloth and leave it for30min

4)Make small thin rounds and deep fry till golden in colour

Serve them as side dish with hot plain rice along with sambar/Snack

Store them in an air tight container.


you can substitute 4 red chillies for chilli powder.Lightly dry fry them along with dal

you can add little crushed pepper to the dough ,if you want it more spicy

You can prepare the papads and dry them under sun so that they can be preserved for 2 to3months.Can be fried as and when required

If drying under sun is not possible you can microwave them (in batches)under low power for 1 and1/2min.The time may vary with differant microwave ovens.


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