Instant Mung Dal Pesarattu


Instant Crispy and Tasty Pesarattu

This dosa can be prepared with ready made mung dal powder as and when it is desired


split Mung Dal- 300gms without husk+1Tablesp Raw Rice-powdered in mill


Oil to prepare dosa

low fat butter to serve

Stuffing ingredients

Onion-Medium- 2 Chopped into very fine pieces

Green chillies-2, Chopped into very fine pieces

Ginger-1/2″Chopped fine

Curry Patta Leaves-6to8, Chopped Fine

Coriander Leaves-lTablesp,CHopped fine


Carrot-1,small grated fine(optional)

Combine all the above ingredients(for stuffing)and keep it aside


1)Prepare dosa batter with mung dal flour, water and salt with out any lumps

2)Heat dosa tawa (preferbly nonstick)smear a drop of oil and rub with a cloth or cut end of an onion.Pour a laddlefulof batter on tawa and spread the batter in circular motion to make round dosa.Drizzle some oil over and edges of dosa.sprinkle some stuffing over dosa

3)Gently press with back of laddle and cook dosa under medium low heat.Turn it once for few sec and drizzle few drops of oil so that onion etc.are a bit browned.Again turn the dosa and fold it.Trasfer it on to a plate and enjoy with allum chutney and upma

4)Before serving put 1/2tsp of low fat butter on dosa and serve.

5)Allum patchadi:Fry a tablesp of chopped ginger,1 green chilli,1/2tsp of jeera,1 chopped medium sized onion,Grind this with salt,one garlic clove and 1tsp of jaggery into a fine paste.Serve this with hot pesarattu.


Combination of upma with pesarattu and allum patchadi is popular in Andhra .

This upma is very simple and prepared as follows:

Prepare tadka with a pinch of mustard seeds,1tsp of split urad dal,few curry leaves.Add dry fried( 100gms of) samolina,fry for a min and add 250ml of boiling water along with salt.Mix well and keep it on low fire for 2 min. Stuff this simple upma with hot pesarattu and serve.


1)you should not ferment this batter.If so it becomes sour and can not be consumed.

2)This dosa is to be eaten hot .(That is from dosa pan to serving plate).You can not relish it If it becomes cold.

3)you can mix mung dal with and with out husk.


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