Raw Papaya Halwa

Raw Papaya halwa is very healthy and excellent dessert. Here i am preparing it in pressure cooker.Ripe papaya is one of the best fruits with lot of good nutrients.Even the leaf has many medicinal benefits.
Raw Papaya gratings – 200 Gms,( wash, peel and grate papaya ),
Jaggery powder / sugar- 125 Gms, ( i used jaggery ),
Cardamom powder – 1/2 Tsp,
Almond slivers/ walnuts bits/ raisins – 1Tsp each or as desired,
Ghee – 3 – Tablesp,
Milk – 20 ml,
1).Squeeze the papaya gratings to remove moisture which has little raw smell.keep it aside.
2).Heat 1 tsp of ghee in pressure cooker ( preferably 3 litres capacity ) fry the nuts and remove.
3).Add the remaining ghee to cooker and fry the papaya gratings for 2 minutes till it’s colour changes a little.
4).Add 20 ml milk, and jaggery powder along with elachi powder.Cook for 2 whistles and remove the cooker from flame.
5).After cooker cools dow├▒, open the lid and keep it on fire again as there will be little mouiture content in the cooker.
5).Cook under low heat till the halwa becomes little dry.Add nuts and mix well.Serve as dessert.
A).If you desire you can prepare it on fire directly with out using cooker. But it takes little more time to prepare.
B).You can spread this halwa on chapathi/ poori / breads for kids as this halwa is prepared with jaggery which is more healthier than sugar.


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