Til and peanut laddu.

I prepared this laddu with white til, peanuts and minimum quantity of jaggery. It is a very nutritious snack and also a good immunity booster. Good for kids.
White til – 400Gms,
Peanuts – 100Gms,
Jaggery – 150 Gms,
Ghee – 1Tablesp,
Elachi powder – 1/2 Tsp ( optional),
1).Dry fry til till it releases nice aroma and turns light golden in colour.Remove and dry fry peanuts also to golden brown. No need to remove husk. Grind both into a course powder and keep it aside.
2).Add 4 tablespoons of water to jaggery. Stir the solution till jaggery dissolves and strain it to remove any dust particles. Again boil it till it reaches just 1 string consistency.Add ghee to it and mix well.
3).Add til and peanut powders along with elachi powder and remove from flame.
4).Mix quickly so that til and ground nuts are well combined with jaggery. Remove half of the portion into moxie and grind it into a smooth pulpy mix.
5).Combine both the portions and make laddus while It is still warm. Good snack for kids also.


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