Crispy and tasty Butter murukku

Fine rice flour – 2 measures,( I used measuring cup ),
Water – 2 measures ,
Suji / semolina / upma rawa – 1/2 measure ,
Red chilli powder – 1/2 Tsp,
Hing – 2 Pinches, ( optional ),
Softened butter – 2 Tsp,
Jeera – 1/2 Tsp,
White til – 1 Tablesp,
Oil to deep fry
1).Heat water in a non stick pan .When the water starts boiling, add salt, butter and hing.
2).When the butter is melted ,add suji slowly and start stirring continuously to avoid lump formation.
3).Continue stirring till suji is cooked and a halwa type dough is formed leaving the sides of pan. Transfer it to a plate to cool completely.
4).Mean while add chilli powder, til, jeera, to rice flour and mix well with hand.
5).Combine rice flour mix with suji dough and prepare a smooth and soft dough mass.
6).Grease a murukku press and fix it with one star nozzle. Fill it with dough and place murukku rounds on a greased plastic sheet.
7).Fry the murukku under medium heat to golden in colour. Cool and transfer them to an air tight container. Enjoy them with a cup of tea.

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