Egg less Beet root cake in Kadai

This is an egg less cake using beet root – one of the excellent vegetables to improve blood and also overall health.
All purpose flour or maida – 16t tv tv0 Gms,
Powdered sugar – 3/4 Cup,( measuring cup ).
Beet root paste – 4 Tablesp, ( Beet root washed, peeled ,boiled and grind into fine paste ),
Oil – 1/3 Cup,( any odourless oil ,I used rice bran oil ),
Hung curd / fresh curd – 1/3 Cup,
Milk 1/3 Cup ( or more for using to prepare batter ),
Baking powder – 1 and 1/4 Tsp,
Baking soda – 1/2 Tsp,
Vinegar – 1 Tsp,
Vanilla essence / cardamom powder – 1/2 Tsp,
Nuts like cashew bits / almond slivers – 1 Tablesp each,
Maroon or red Food colour – 3 or 4 drops ( optional ),
1).Grease a baking tray along with baking paper and keep it ready. Pre heat a thick bottomed kadai with a stand to keep cake tray.
2)Blend curd, powdered sugar, oil in a mixing bowl till smooth and creamy.
3).Mix beet root paste with milk to a smooth batter with out lumps.
4).Mix this paste solution to curd mixture. Mix well .
5).Seive flour, baking powder, baking soda into the above batter.
6).Mix all the ingredients very well by cut and fold method.
7).lastly add venilla essence and vinegar.Mix well .
8).Add some nuts ( dusted with little flour )to the batter.
9).Pour the cake batter into the greased baking tray . Sprinkle the remaining nuts over the batter.
10).Bake the cake in kadai for 20 to 25 minutes under low medium heat. Check with a tooth pick and if necessary continue for another 3 to 5 min. If you want to bake it in Oven bake it for 25 to 30 180 degree C.
11).Cool and cut into pieces and serve.
You can try this cake with whole wheat flour.


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