Vermicelli soup

This is a delicious soup prepared with fine semiya / vermicelli, easily digestable with mild spiciness.
Fine semiya / vermicelli – 75 Gms,
Butter – 2 Tablesp,
Onion – 1, medium, sliced very fine,
Chopped coriander leaves – 1 Tablesp,
Crushed black pepper – 1/8 Tsp,
Spring onion greens 2 cut ino very small pieces,
Tomato puree – 3 Tablesp,
Water – 100 ml,
Cheese – to garnish,
1).Heat a tablesp of butter , fry the semiya till light golden in colour.Remove and keep it aside.
2).In the same pan heat remaining butter ,add onion, chopped coriander and suete for a minute and add tomato puree along with water. Add semiya and stir.
3).Let it simmer under low heat till it starts boiling. Add salt and allow it to boil for 3 to 4 minutes. Add crushed pepper.
4).Sprinkle spring onions and remove from flame.Garnish with little cheese and serve hot .


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