Kitchen Tips 1-How To Preserve Coriander Leaves

kitchen tips,

How to preserve coriander leaves,

you can preserve it in 3ways,
1)Immerse the roots of coriander in water in a container,keeps fresh for 2to3days,
2)Method:cut the roots of the coriander&wash them thoroghly under a tap,
Put them in a collander for few min to drain excess water,cut the stalks into 2to3 pieces,
Gently press them between paper towel or clean cloth to remove the remaining moisture,
Take a disposable sweet box(1kg or 1/2kg capacity)line the bottom with a kitchen paper&spread the coriander stalks over it,
Make holes on the lid with a sharp object&fix this on the box,keep the box in fridge,this will keep coriander fresh for1wk to 10days,
Follow all the above steps in 2ndmethod, like cutting roots,washing,drying with cloth,cutting into pieces is same as above,
but the next step is,
put the coriander in mixie&run it for few sec&remove,(donot mash),
put it in ice cube trays&keep in freezer for few hrs,later you can collect these cubes in ziplock bags for later use,
Note:except forgarnishing,it can be used for all recipes.(wherever it is necessary).
you can use them for 2to3wks.

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