Lobiya idli


200gm – split white lobiya/black eyed beans/alasanda, soaked for 4hrs (husk removed while washing)
50gm – urad dal without husk (soaked for 4hrs)
500gm – idly rawa (rawa of par boiled rice soaked for 1/2hr)
A pinch of baking soda
A little oil to smear over the idli plates


1. Remove husk from beans and grind it with urad dal to a firm and smooth paste.
2. Squeeze water from rawa and add it to the paste along with salt and run the mixie for a min.
3. Remove the batter into a bowl and allow it to ferment for 6 hrs or overnight.
4. The next day add a pinch of soda and prepare idli as usual (add a little amount of water if necessary to prepare batter).
5. Serve idli with sambar and coconut chutney.

Tip: If split dal is not available you can soak whole dal overnight, remove the husk while washing. (need not remove completely).


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